26th February 2014

James Taylor Construction included in 1000 most inspiring companies in the UK

James Taylor Construction have been included in the London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain

London Stock Exchange Group stated that to be selected in the list, companies had to demonstrate not only a positive growth in revenue over the last four years, but also an increase in employee numbers, workspace, contract wins or patent filings. The result is a list of companies richer and more varied than ever identified in any other exercise of this type. It demonstrates that the UK has a diverse economy with companies on the list representing over 100 sectors: from agriculture and automotive, to venture capital and wine, and, encouragingly, from across every region of the UK.

The goal for producing this report is to highlight, to as wide an audience as possible, the importance of SMEs to the future if the UK economy. Research conducted by the London Stock Exchange Group, and that of many others, has shown that it is almost exclusively these companies that have generated new, net job creation in the UK since the financial crisis. More needs to be done to raise awareness of the importance of these businesses. More needs to be done to nature, support and encourage these companies, many of which have the potential to be blue chips of tomorrow.

The full Index can be found online at www.1000Companies.com